ToxAC Vol 31 – N° 4 – décembre 2019

Vol 31 – N° 4 – décembre 2019



·Assessment of new psychoactive substances: Opportunities for more interactions between analytical toxicologists and the French Addictovigilance Network

Page :195-196

Joëlle Micallef, Michel Mallaret


Articles originaux / Original Articles

·Use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to identify unknown powders

Page :197-250

Alice Ameline, Delphine Garnier, Jean-Sébastien Raul, Pascal Kintz

·Abuse of 3-MMC and forensic aspects: About 4 cases and review of the literature

Page :251-257

Alice Ameline, Véronique Dumestre-Toulet, Jean-Sébastien Raul, Pascal Kintz

·Benzoylfentanyl and parafluorobutyrfentanyl: Some analytical and metabolism data

Page :258-267

Camille Richeval, Marie Baillieux, Geoffrey Pawlak, Mélodie Phanithavong, Jean-françois Wiart, Luc Humbert, Anne Batisse, Catherine Lamoureux, Grégory Pfau, Thomas Nefau, Delphine Allorge, Jean-Michel Gaulier

·NPS in Switzerland: Current trends

Page :268-274

Christian Bissig, Markus Schläpfer, Christian Bogdal

·GC-MS, GC-QTOF and NMR analyses to elucidate composition of 41 powders from an NPS collector

Page :275-282

Charline Bottinelli, Kévin Revelut, Maggy Hologne, Yvan Gaillard, Fabien Bévalot

·Validation of an UPLC-MS/MS method for the determination of sixteen synthetic cannabinoids in human hair. Application to document chronic use of JWH-122 following a non-fatal overdose

Page :283-292

Islam Amine Larabi, Mohammed Riffi, Nicolas Fabresse, Isabelle Etting, Jean-Claude Alvarez


Revues générales / Review Papers

·Designer anabolic steroids: A challenge for toxicologists

Page :293-297

Laurie Gheddar, Alice Ameline, Jean-Sébastien Raul, Pascal Kintz

·Novel synthetic opioids: A review of the literature

Page :298-316

Sophie Salle, Sandra Bodeau, Alice Dhersin, Mathilde Ferdonnet, Ruben Goncalves, Marie Lenski, Benjamin Lima, Marie Martin, Jonathan Outreville, Jules Vaucel, Nicolas Fabresse


Études de cas / Case Reports

·Ocfentanil in France: Seven case reports (2016–2018)

Page :317-322

Nathalie Allibe, Francis Billault, Cécile Moreau, Amandine Marchard, Yvan Gaillard, Guillaume Hoizey, Hélène Eysseric-Guerin, Nathalie Milan

·A case report of carfentanil-related fatality in France

Page :323-331

Jean-Michel Gaulier, Camille Richeval, Mélodie Phanithavong, Sandrine Brault, Delphine Allorge, Véronique Dumestre-Toulet

·About 5 cases with 3 Meo-PCP including 2 deaths and 3 non-fatal cases seen in France in 2018

Page :332-336

Francis Grossenbacher, Yoann Cazaubon, Catherine Feliu, Alice Ameline, Pascal Kintz, Olivier Passouant, Bruno Mourvillier, Zoubir Djerada


Recommandations / Guidelines

·Recommandations de la SFTA pour la réalisation des analyses toxicologiques dans les cas de décès impliquant des NPS – version 2019

SFTA guidelines for the achievement of toxicological analyzes for deaths involving NPS – 2019 version

Page :337-339

Alice Ameline, Jean-Claude Alvarez, Véronique Dumestre, Hélène Eysseric, Jean-Michel Gaulier, Pascal Kintz, Laurence Labat, Bénédicte Lelievre, Aurélie Muckensturm, Anne-laure Pélissier, Camille Richeval